A Conservative War to Liberate Our African American Brothers and Sisters

Posted: September 20, 2012 by GaryM in Political Philosophy, Racism
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The Republican Party was formed to fight slavery, fought a war to free the slaves, fought Jim Crow laws enacted by Democrats, forced Reconstruction on the reluctant South, passed the first civil rights act, and defeated a Democrat filibuster of the 1960s Civil Rights Acts. But some time in the last 40-50 years Republicans, and conservatives in general, gave up that fight.    The results of that surrender have been horrific for the African American community.   Progressive dominance has destroyed their communities, destroyed their families, and condemned generation after generation to lives without hope.  It is time we conservatives rejoined the battle.

The Democrat Party has demagogued the issue of race for decades.  As a result, the common perception among minorities is of Republicans in general, and conservatives in particular, as greedy racists who care nothing about the plight of poor African Americans. Democrats regularly receive 95% or more of the African American vote in national elections. Most Republican candidates ignore that vote because it has been historically so reliably Democratic.  Republicans, by abandoning any real attempts to compete for the African American vote, have played right into the Democrats’  strategy.

Our philosophical ancestors fought and and died to defeat those who owned the slaves. They fought and defeated those who tried to keep the former slaves in subservience with Jim Crow. And they fought to remove the economic and political barriers to full participation by the children and grandchildren of slaves in the American political and economic miracle.  It is time that conservatives have the courage to reengage in the fight for true equality, to free our countrymen from the horror that progressivism has created for them in this country.

We need to fight a new war of liberation.  This time not from outright slavery, but from the new enslavement of addiction to federal “entitlements”.  It will be a war of ideas, not of guns, but it will be a war none the less.  And the stakes are no less than the liberation, once again, of our fellow citizens.

The new war for liberation should be fought on three fronts:

1. Re-educate the public, particularly the African American public in America’s major cities, on the true history of the Republican and Democrat parties with respect to race;

2. Declare a new war on the oppression of the African American community by progressive governance;

3. Enlist the aid of prominent conservative African American leaders, not as campaign spokesmen, but as advocates of positions they have already asserted, providing them a new platform to make clear how the application of conservative economic principles could end the stagnation in America’s inner cities.

I. Conservatives Must Re-educate the Public on the GOP’s and Dem’s History on Race

The Republican party was formed for the express purpose of fighting the extension of slavery into new territories through the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, led the country in fighting the Civil War that ultimately freed the slaves. The Democrats responded by passing Jim Crow laws, because the GOP had virtually no constituency in the South after the Civil War.

The first Civil Rights Acts were proposed by Republican president Dwight Eisenhower, legislation that was opposed and weakened by Democrats.

Democrats filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Acts, trying to prevent enactment of the same protections for African Americans that they had previously prevented Eisenhower from enacting.

GOP Senators and Congressmen not only broke the Democrat filibuster, they in fact voted in higher percentages for the Civil Rights Acts than did the Democrats. “When broken down by party, 61 percent of Democratic lawmakers voted for the bill (152 yeas and 96 nays), and a full 80 percent of the Republican caucus supported it (138 yeas and 34 nays).“

The KKK was organized by Democrat Party operatives to fight reconstruction in the South.

The most famous fighters against desegregation, Orville Faubus, Bull Connor, George Wallace, Lester Maddox, Richard B. Russell, were all life long, leading Democrats.

There was no mass exodus of racist Democrats from the Democrat Party after the Civil Rights Acts were passed in the 60s, because all those Democrat leaders remained in the party, and there was no reason for racists to leave the Democrats for the GOP – that had voted by a higher percentage in favor of the passage of those acts.

The infamous “Southern Strategy,” whereby Republicans purportedly adopted the practice of appealing to the racism of southern whites, was a figment of the imagination of RINO campaign advisers of Richard Nixon, like Kevin Phillips, who were trying to portray themselves as the power behind the throne, ala Karl Rove.

In fact, in 1968, Nixon lost Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia to George Wallace, with Hubert Humphrey winning Texas. Not much of a strategy.

In 1972, Nixon won every state except Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. He won the south for the same reason he won everywhere else, George McGovern was a terrible candidate.

There are racists in any large group of people, human nature being fallible as it is. But the Democrat Party has a long history of institutionalized support of racism, while the Republican Party was founded on, and has continued to fight for, the freedom and equality of all people.

II. Declaring War on the Continued Oppression of African Americans

Our generation of conservatives seems almost to have written off the African American community. The sense seems to be – we are not racists, we have only tried to help their communities, yet they consistently buy the Democrat Party propaganda and hate us, call us racists, and vote for the party that has fought to keep them subjugated throughout this country’s history. And therein lies the most tragic failure of modern conservatism.

Socialism destroys the human spirit, by intention. Progressive welfare policies forced unemployed African American men to choose between remaining with their families with no job or income, or leave the home so their wives and children could qualify for government payments. Progressives have driven inner city schools into the abyss, failing to teach poor African American children the most fundamental skills necessary to participate in a modern economy, essential to have any chance of a fulfilling life. Inner city schools feed contributions to teachers’ unions, and thus campaign contributions to the Democrat Party. They also provide ample legions of Democrat get out the vote workers in the members of those unions. What they do not do is educate the children for whom they are receiving sometimes in excess of $10,000 per child from taxpayers. Permanent affirmative action favors some influential Democrat contributors, but at the cost of telling minority children they are not able to, and will never be able to, compete in a modern economy.

Blaming the victims of the decades of these subversive policies and propaganda of the left is a tragic error. It is time for conservatives to declare war, not on poverty, but on the impoverishment of the African American community. The argument that must be made is simple logic: Who benefits from the continued subjugation of the inner city poor? Democrats, who trade government largesse (other people’s tax payments) for bi-annual votes? Or conservatives, who create and run industries and businesses that lose employees and  markets when people are not educated, cannot find jobs, and do not participate in the market?

It is time for conservatives to take up the banner our ancestors carried before us. Whether against antebellum southern slave holders, southern Democrat Jim Crow politicians, or modern Democrat progressive/socialists lusting for political power, it is the duty of conservatives to fight the oppression of our fellow citizens, our fellow human beings. It is time to see the political struggle against progressivism for what it really is, the latest battle against the suppression of human liberty and dignity.

III. Making the Case for Applying Conservative Economic Principles in American Cities

Conservatives have the answer in our free market principles to the problems bedeviling minorities in our major cities. Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams are two of the best examples of brilliant conservative economists who also happen to be African American. They have deconstructed progressive/socialist policies such as affirmative action, the minimum wage, the Davis-Bacon Act, centrally controlled government monopoly in schools.  All of which have served to make life much worse for African Americans.

The Republican Party should provide these and other prominent African American economists a megaphone in the coming election.  Whoever the party nominates for president, the Party must highlight the views and accomplishments of these conservative heroes.  They are proof positive that conservative, free market principles are essential to success without regard for race.

Despite their brilliance and eloquence, the reach of their voice has been limited by the means by which they can publicize their views. Economists like Sowell and Williams have not been able to penetrate the knowledge monopoly of the mainstream media, the public schools and the Democrat Party.  A national campaign could give them a voice that would get them past the media filter that so limits their reach.

African Americans don’t need a shining knight on a white horse to come to their rescue. They need someone to make available to them the conservative tools that will make it possible for them to earn the freedom, respect and security that can only come from functioning in a society that allows them to succeed by the sweat of their own brow. Someone who can penetrate the progressive/socialist fog of propaganda on race and economics and give voice to the conservative principles that so many trapped in the progressive created devastation have never heard at all, let alone expressed by men of the quality of Sowell and Williams.

It is time conservatives declare war on progressivism’s de facto enslavement of our fellow citizens.  To paraphrase a famous saying – If not us, who?  If not now, when?

  1. I consider myself conservative but definitely could use some schooling on the history of both parties. I found this very interesting. Thanks for including the links for more info.

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