Milt’s Wise Words, Part 1

Posted: September 21, 2012 by GeeOhPeeved in Economics, Milton Friedman, Political Philosophy
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This is going to be the first in a series of posts featuring videos of Milton Friedman.  The man wasn’t just hilarious, he wasn’t just a genius, he had an amazing talent for communicating the virtues of democracy and the free market to people who otherwise might not worry about such things.

So, for the first set of videos, I’ll be posting the entirety of Mr. Friedman’s 1979 appearance on Donahue.  I’d say this is one of my favorites, but really, I’d end up saying that about all of these videos.  I will say that it is still priceless to me how easily he deals with Donahue in those moments when he’s convinced he’s got Friedman stumped, and how frustrated he gets to see that Milton, far from being backed into a corner, relishes the opportunity to correct Donahue’s misconceptions.

If you’ve seen these videos before, and are anything like me, I’m sure you’ll want to watch them again.  If you haven’t?  Well, enjoy!

In the other posts in this series, it’s likely that I’ll include excerpts from the Donahue appearance, so that people who may not feel like watching the entire show don’t miss out on some of the better moments.


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