Milt’s Wise Words, Part 2

Posted: September 26, 2012 by GeeOhPeeved in Economics, Milton Friedman, Political Philosophy
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A few more videos of the genius, who explains conservative principles in a far less abrasive manner than my level of patience allows me.

While I understand that he was trying to give a reasonably short answer, I personally wish he had pointed out how the creation of the minimum wage, and subsequent increases of the minimum, have affected inflation.  I think it would be a much better example of an unintended side effect of a supposedly well-intentioned bill than it’s disproportionate affect on young black men, as I don’t believe the minimum wage’s negative impact on minority employment was, in fact, unintentional.  For more on that, click the pretty colored letters.  Again, though-  I tend to be a bit more confrontational than Mr. Friedman was.

I think the amount of enjoyment I take from seeing a smug young liberal put in his place might say something bad about me…  I’m okay with it, this clip is gold.
As far as a lesson to take away from this, let’s go with this:  whenever asked a question worded in such a was as to attempt to force you into falsely contradicting your views, boil the subject down to the principle at issue.  Friedman sees the heart of the issue immediately, and shines a spotlight on it for all to see.  Meanwhile, his questioner, by saying himself that he does not believe that all human life is sacred, outs himself as trying to make his point solely for the sake of pushing an agenda foisted upon him by his professors, rather than offering a legitimate concern of his with the implications of capitalism.

Not much to be said, I love The Story of the Pencil.  It’s based on an article by someone else, but it’s still worth sharing, and I’m always a fan of Milt Friedman’s presentations.  I posted a longer version because I think it makes a larger impact, but if you’d like to share a shorter version with friends, you can find one here.

Feel free to comment,  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the videos.


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