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Immediately following any tragedy involving gun violence, there is almost always a renewed push by the left to restrict the Second Amendment rights of the citizenry.  Now, as honesty would work against them (and is a foreign concept to the movers and shakers on the left anyways) rights-restricting gun legislation and the propaganda used to ease it’s way has to be carefully worded.   Don’t say you want to confiscate weapons from law abiding citizens, say that we need to get guns off the street so we can all feel safer.  Don’t say that those in power should decide who can and cannot exercise their basic and Constitutionally protected rights, say that licenses and permits are necessary to make sure ‘only the right people’ have access to guns (again, don’t worry what qualifies one as the “right” sort, that’s none of your concern).



Why I Am a Conservative

Posted: November 9, 2012 by GaryM in Political Philosophy

“If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.” (Attributed variously to Churchill, Clemenceau and others.)

While I was never a liberal, I was certainly less conservative when I was younger. I was originally of the opinion that conservatives were better at creating wealth and progressives were better at distributing it. So my theory was we should alternate between Republican and Democrat governments. So I favored Humphrey over Nixon in 1968 and Ford over Carter in 1976. All that changed after the 1976 election, because I met some genuine movement progressives in 1978, and I have never looked back. I have also not been surprised by anything progressives have done since then.


Always nice to hear a bit more from Friedman, eh?  Seems he’s always relevant.  Time for #3.


A few more videos of the genius, who explains conservative principles in a far less abrasive manner than my level of patience allows me.


This is going to be the first in a series of posts featuring videos of Milton Friedman.  The man wasn’t just hilarious, he wasn’t just a genius, he had an amazing talent for communicating the virtues of democracy and the free market to people who otherwise might not worry about such things.

So, for the first set of videos, I’ll be posting the entirety of Mr. Friedman’s 1979 appearance on Donahue.  I’d say this is one of my favorites, but really, I’d end up saying that about all of these videos.  I will say that it is still priceless to me how easily he deals with Donahue in those moments when he’s convinced he’s got Friedman stumped, and how frustrated he gets to see that Milton, far from being backed into a corner, relishes the opportunity to correct Donahue’s misconceptions.

If you’ve seen these videos before, and are anything like me, I’m sure you’ll want to watch them again.  If you haven’t?  Well, enjoy!


The Republican Party was formed to fight slavery, fought a war to free the slaves, fought Jim Crow laws enacted by Democrats, forced Reconstruction on the reluctant South, passed the first civil rights act, and defeated a Democrat filibuster of the 1960s Civil Rights Acts. But some time in the last 40-50 years Republicans, and conservatives in general, gave up that fight.    The results of that surrender have been horrific for the African American community.   Progressive dominance has destroyed their communities, destroyed their families, and condemned generation after generation to lives without hope.  It is time we conservatives rejoined the battle.